Eta Carinae (NGC 3372)

Eta Carinae – The Carina Nebula (NGC 3372) – 7 500 light years from earth. My first attempt at wide field, deep sky Astophotography..!Homepage | Photography Gallery | Facebook | Twitter | Brain Food

3 thoughts on “Eta Carinae (NGC 3372)

    • Hi Jen, these days you can take a standard DSLR camera, and connect it to a pretty inexpensive telescope and capture images like this. The most expensive part is the mount, that counter tracks the earth’s rotation (to keep the telescope pointed at the area you want to photograph). In general, if you use your current camera, and spend about the same as a mid range DSLR on a mount and telescope, you can do this type of imaging. Google Astrophotography, or visit your local Astronomy club for more info. Hope this helps. Martin

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