Infinite Regress

My latest photography eBook – Infinite Regress – A study of Nature from close-up Macro Photography, to Landscapes, Wildlife and Astrophotography of the observable Universe.
Infinite Regress eBook

Blow flies on a Stapelia grandiflora flower

Blow flies on a Stapelia grandiflora flower

My 1st macro photo with over 500 000 views on Flickr: “Blow flies pollinating a Stapelia grandiflora flower” from Calitzdorp in the Little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa.

The flies are being tricked by the flower, and their maggot eggs won’t survive as the flower will die soon (and the flower is not really a suitable host or food for the maggots).

Photographic Excursions in Southern Africa

Photographic Excursions in Southern Africa

My latest Nature Photography Book project just went live.

Dragonfly Compound Eyes Macro

A macro photograph of the compound eyes of a Dragonfly after a rain shower.

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Cuckoo Wasp pollinating Euphorbia flowers

A tiny (about 1 cm) Cuckoo Wasp (family Chrysididae) pollinating Euphorbia succulent flowers (Winter, July 2006, South Africa).

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