Serval Cub Portrait

Serval Cub Portrait by Martin_Heigan
Serval Cub Portrait, a photo by Martin_Heigan on Flickr.

A Portrait of a very playful little Serval Cub / Tierboskat (Leptailurus serval) up-close, and yes that is my reflection in its beautiful wild cat eyes.

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Dead Vlei Landscape

Dead Vlei Landscape by Martin_Heigan
Dead Vlei Landscape, a photo by Martin_Heigan on Flickr.

Petrified Camel Thorn Trees (Acacia erioloba) in the Salt pan at Dead Vlei (Sossusvlei, Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia).

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Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher by Martin_Heigan
Pied Kingfisher, a photo by Martin_Heigan on Flickr.

A Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) photographed at Pilanesberg National Park (North West Province, South Africa).

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Quiver Tree Forest Sunset

The sun sets behind the Quiver Trees (Aloe dichotoma) in the “Quiver Tree Forest” at Keetmanshoop, Namibia.

Why are they called Quiver Trees?
The Khoisan Bushman people of the Kalahari Desert, hollowed out the succulent branches to make “Quivers” to put their arrows in for hunting game. As there are not a lot of trees and resources in the Desert, they had to use what was available.

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A stormy sky over “Witsand”

A beautiful stormy sky over the sand dunes of “Witsand Nature Reserve” in the Kalahari, Northern Cape, South Africa.

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