Portrait of Raurus

To Raurus,

Thank you for enriching our lives for so many years.

You will always be in our hearts, and I will never forget all the joy, unconditional love and companionship that I had the privilege to experience.

Even when I worked late, you waited up for me, and refused to go and sleep until I came to tuck you in.

On the day we met.
Amongst all the puppies, I immediate knew you were the one, and you immediately chose me as well. I actually woke up on that day, and knew that I could go and find you waiting for me and come home with my dog.

You were always by my side, and I miss you so much…

Your best friend, Martin.

My Saddle-billed Stork photo is “Picture of the Day” on Yahoo.

My Saddle-billed Stork photo is “Picture of the Day” on Yahoo.

Serval Cub Portrait

Serval Cub Portrait by Martin_Heigan
Serval Cub Portrait, a photo by Martin_Heigan on Flickr.

A Portrait of a very playful little Serval Cub / Tierboskat (Leptailurus serval) up-close, and yes that is my reflection in its beautiful wild cat eyes.

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Secretary Bird (Up-Close)

A close-up portrait of a Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius).

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Jackal Buzzard Portrait

Jackal Buzzard by Martin_Heigan
Jackal Buzzard, a photo by Martin_Heigan on Flickr.

Portrait of a Jackal Buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus).

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Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) facts:

Top Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph).
Acceleration: 0 to 103 km/h (64 mph) in 3 seconds (faster than most Super Cars).

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